Why Globewell

The Globewell Insurance plan is catered specifically to address your need for Health Insurance that keeps you protected wherever you go.

From the everyday costs, like a sudden injury to transportation in an ambulance or for a more serious illness which may require emergency in-patient specialist treatment.

Keeping such unforeseen circumstances in mind, TPL Life has launched this product which aims to provide you with an option of choosing quality health insurance in collaboration with the reinsurer AXA PPP healthcare Limited.

This is TPL Life’s commitment to its vision to become the most preferred and trusted customer choice for Life and Health Insurance solutions through
continuous innovation.

Benefits Offered Under Globewell

Emergency In-Patient and Out-Patient Treatment

This benefit pays for In-Patient and out-patient treatment due to accident required immediately (within 24 hours) following bodily injury arising from an accident, provided the insured person has been continuously covered under the policy since before the accident happened.

Outside Area of Cover

This benefit pays for emergency treatment which arises suddenly whilst the insured person is outside his/her selected area of cover, provided the insured person's total number of days stay outside his/her area of cover does not exceed 90 days per trip. The number of days outside the insured person's area of cover would include the treatment days.

Dental Care ( due to accident)

This benefit pays for initial treatment required immediately (within seven (7) days) following accidental damage to natural teeth caused by an accident when that treatment is given by a dental practitioner, provided that the insured person has been continuously covered under the policy since before the accident happened.

Cash Benefit, per night

Cash Benefit is only payable when no other benefit is claimed for under this policy nor any costs is borne by us for an eligible in-patient treatment which the insured person received treatment within the area of cover. The benefit amount is subject to the plan you choose.

New Born Accommodation

This benefit pays for the child who is less than 16 weeks to stay in the hospital while the insured mother is receiving eligible in-patient treatment. This includes the cost for standard nursery accommodation during the insured mother's stay in the Hospital.

Companion Accommodation

This benefit pays for the cost of companion accommodation in the same hospital room with you when you are receiving an eligible in-patient treatment within the area of cover

Faster care, trusted cover

Fast access to expert care from medical professionals worldwide – for routine checkups as well as the unexpected. You’ll have access to over 1 million healthcare facilities around the world where they’ll recognise our brand and trust your cover.

A second opinion if you're unsure

If you’d like to double-check a diagnosis, we’ll get you an independent second opinion. You’ll have access to a team of experts over the phone, along with a medically trained case manager who can speak to local health providers in their language.

Getting you safely to the care you need

In an emergency, we’ll arrange for you to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility – and get you back home again. We make sure it’s included in your plan as standard.

Supporting you at every step

No matter how big or small your medical question, no matter when you wake up with a worry, you’ll have somewhere to turn for help.

If you have any medical questions, you can call the medical professionals on our expert health helpline, day or night.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can apply?

  • A baby from 15 days old and an adult not more than seventy (70) at the time of the application.
  • Your principle country of residence must be Pakistan.
  • A child age from 15 days to 6 years must enroll with at least one parent or legal guardian.

Do I have to undergo a medical checkup at application?

No medical check-up required. Once you have completed and signed the application form, we will assess your application; inform you prior to the commencement of your cover.

Can my family members take up different plans under the same policy?

No, all applicants must apply for the same plan.